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Our clients say our work is “inspiring“, “challenging“, “different“, “new“. Or they say, “I didn´t expect that!“ Or simply: “Thank you!“

What we can do for you? We can help you get your job done, even quicker and even better. We can help you to develop, lead and motivate your employees, to inspire other people, and to master conflicts and crises successfully.


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Seminar Talent Development

People are the key to a company’s success. The better your talent, the more you will flourish, the more you will achieve your goals, the more you will increase your shareholder value. The more you will win. But do you really have the tools to get the best out of your people? To help them reach their full potential? To turn your company into a people magnet?

This program is designed to improve how you develop your people and is offered in cooperation with IESE Business School.



Workshop Reorientation

Gone are the times of linear employment biographies. Today, people change their jobs over the course of their careers several times for various reasons. In searching for the right job, it is important to know where you stand. To know what your strengths, values, and opportunities are: your resources. They are your key motivation factors. This two-day workshop is all about empowerment: we support the participants to identify their individual resources and opportunities, and to use them in their reorientation process.


Workshop Career Guidance

Never before have young people had so many excellent education opportunities across the globe. Never before have they had so many offers and possibilities to choose from. However, many students are discouraged or even fail as they transition from school to their professional or student lives. They might see that opportunities exist, but they don´t really know what suits them. Knowing your strengths and values is key in this orientation process. It is the decisive tool and decision-making basis for finding the right path after the A-levels.


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Research can help. It brings new insights. And better understanding. Through new perspectives. From the very beginning, the scientific basis of our work at AUTORIS has been really important. We believe that talent development can be particularly efficient and successful when it is based on the latest scientific achievements. 

The same applies to research on personal growth, leadership communication, lifelong learning, and adult education. But, research on stories and images, and their meaning for human development also leads to new perspectives and approaches over and over again.


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Our Story

“Blockbuster or flop?” That was the headline of our first article. It was about “Star Wars”. Suddenly, the movie was downloadable online (however, it took several days). That was back in 1998. And it was the starting point for AUTORIS Research and Publications. Since then we have written many more articles on many more topics. On the Internet. Multimedia and communication. On universities. E-learning. On business models. Many newspapers and journals have published our articles. Over time, we started producing our own publications.


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