About this program

Use the power of Design Thinking for leadership and talent development

“There´s no great company without great people”.

As a powerful innovation tool, Design Thinking has helped create some of the world’s most successful products, services, and businesses. After years of research and testing, we found a way to use Design Thinking for leadership, talent development, and coaching. We have condensed it into a new framework: Designing Talent. We developed this program to enable leaders, team leaders, and HR-professionals to work with our approach. The Designing Talent Program will help your people sharpen their leadership and talent development competencies and bring out the very best in themselves and their teams.

Get ready for an invaluable learning journey!

In this program, we take our participants on a personal learning journey, giving them our state-of-the-art Design Thinking based process, lots of hands-on tools, time to reflect, and maximum practical experience.

“Unlocking my people´s full potential“

"A modern workplace requires a modern approach to talent and lifelong learning. The Designing Talent Program and the many practical tools it provided helped me implement this in my company."

Felix Eichler Cofounder and CTO, Userlane / Forbes 30 Under 30

"Part of our DNA"

"We've been working with Autoris and the Designing Talent Program for almost 5 years. Everyone at Blinkist has attended the program and we send every new joiner. "ACE-ing" problems has now become part of our DNA and, after all those years, it feels like Matthias and Verena are part of our team."

Deborah Caulet, Head of People Development, Blinkist


This program is for leaders, team leaders, and managers, who want to hone their learning and leadership skills, get new tools and assessments for daily challenges and team issues, or want to rethink their talent development strategy.


Lectures, discussions, self-reflection, break-out groups, exercises, feedback from peers, supervision, maximum interaction, value, and fun.

The "You at Your Best" Assessment

Building on our strengths

The more consciously and frequently we use our strengths and build on them, the better we can learn and in turn, the more successful we become. When we learn new things and experience success, it drives us to chase even more growth, creating an upward trend in our lives. The You at Your Best Assessment covers different areas of strength which are crucial for learning and development, so we can continue to learn and grow as individuals personally and professionally. Our participants will get the opportunity to take this assessment in our program.


At the end of Level 1, you will

  • Get acquainted with ACE: a simple, yet profound process for learning and problem-solving

  • Learn how to use visual tools, brainstorming templates, and team exercises to jumpstart engagement

  • Gain new insights on topics such as nurturing a learner´s mindset, motivation, and preferences

  • Create value and fun


At the end of Level 2, you will

  • have a highly effective yet easy-to-use leadership and talent development framework

  • have more knowledge and ready-to-use tools for daily work

  • have taken our signature "You at Your Best" Assessment

  • have sharpened your leadership and talent development competencies, such as the Art of Listening and the Art of Questioning

  • gained LOTS of practice

  • explored some essential "laws of learning"

  • have honed today´s most important leadership skill: learning and helping others learn

Structure and Fees

Designing Talent Level 1

One-day in-person workshop or 4 online sessions (of 2.5 hours weekly or every two weeks) with practice in small learning teams between sessions.

Fee for 12 people:
starting at
6.000 EUR (+VAT)
7,000 USD

Designing Talent Level 2

Two-day in-person workshop or 8 online sessions (of 2.5 hours weekly or every two weeks) with practice in small learning teams between sessions. Access to learning platform including all materials and tools.

Fee for 12 people:
starting at
12.000 EUR (+VAT)
14,000 USD

"Great Impact!"

The Designing Talent Program is a must-have for modern learning and development in organizations. The new methods and tools have enabled us to have a great impact on our individual and team learning journeys.  

Sarah Hoffmann, Chief People Officer, Brainwave Hub


  • What organizations use the Designing Talent Framework?

    The Designing Talent Framework is applied in global corporations, high-growth companies, start-ups, accelerators, leading business schools, schools, and family businesses.

  • What is the ACE Process?

    Especially in fast-changing times like these, we often don't know how to approach and find answers to individual, team, or company challenges. What's needed is a simple, yet reliable process for finding the best solution in any context. That is why we created ACE. ACE is a Design Thinking-based process with three phases:
    1. Address and Assess
    2. Create and Choose
    3. Execute and Evaluate.
    It is the key to effective problem-solving, performance improvement, and learning. We will be "ACE-ing" all kinds of challenges throughout the program. You will love working with it!

  • Do you work with assessments?

    To learn and work with the Designing Talent approach, we recommend our 360 "You at Your Best" Assessment. This will help you identify your key learning strengths and learning opportunities. We also offer other assessments that can be added to the program.

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