About this program

We can hardly overestimate the importance of storytelling - after all, stories are our most important means of communication. But many of us aren’t aware of the power of stories. That’s what "Start with a Story" is for: learn what stories really are and how to use them in a powerful way - for leadership, learning, presentations, negotiations, or sales.

"Whoever has the best story, wins."


For leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, teams, and anyone interested in honing their storytelling skills. This scientifically grounded yet highly practical program will help you leverage the full potential of stories!

"Fully remote - but feels like in-person"

Jodok Batlogg, Serial Entrepreneur

"I have been working with Autoris Academy for many years - most of the time fully remote. Whether I joined from Berlin, San Francisco, Lisbon, or the Austrian Mountains, I felt like in the middle of an in-person seminar. I'm still in touch with many participants from the programs. The Autoris Team are absolute masters in crafting long-lasting impact using state-of-the-art content and digital tooling. I learned so much from "Start with a Story" and I'm actively using the frameworks and tools with employees, partners, and customers with incredible success."


By the end of this program, you will

  • better understand what and how important stories are

  • have the scientific framework "ABC of Narrative" (developed by Prof. Ehrhardt) as a guide to storytelling

  • be able to apply storytelling and "storylistening" more mindfully

  • Use the "Triple A Stories" framework (developed by Prof. Ehrhardt) to make your stories as compelling and powerful as possible.

  • have practiced storytelling in various situations such as leadings teams, managing crises, negotations, and presentations.

  • know about the importance of and how to use "starter stories," "fall-back stories," and "best-answer stories"

  • work on your own personal brand story


Lectures, discussions, self-reflection, break-out groups, exercises, feedback from peers, supervision, maximum interaction, value, and fun. We will also run a "Story Dinner" as part of the program.

Structure and Fees

Start with a Story

One-day in-person workshop or 4 online sessions (of 2.5 hours weekly or every two weeks) with practice in small learning teams between sessions.

Fee for 12 people:
starting at
6.000 EUR (+VAT)
7,000 USD


Prof. Matthias Ehrhardt

Prof. Ehrhardt is an expert and author in the field of storytelling and the use of narrative theory for leadership, coaching, presentations, and sales. He has run programs and given talks on storytelling at numerous organizations and some of the leading business schools and universities (e.g. IESE, Columbia Coaching Conference, CoachX, Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School affiliate).

"Amazing feedback!"

Bernadette Bruns
Associate Director, IESE Business School

"Professor Ehrhardt has run the Start with the Story Program as part of one of our Executive Education Programs. It has received amazing feedback! The participants particularly liked the practicability as well as the in-depth reflections and discussions!"


  • Do we have to prepare or bring any stories to the program?

    We will be running a pre-online session prior to the program in which you will get a first exercise to get started on this topic. Everything we do will be explained there.

  • How can I benefit from this program for my daily business?

    We will give you and run through many examples of when and where we can use stories, e.g. in presentations and speeches, in negotiations, in one-on-one leadership, for sales purposes, to foster change, etc.

  • Does it make sense to take this program as a team?

    We have had many teams that find this program particularly insightful and valuable. We explore how storytelling can help us to build stronger (also remote) teams by fostering trust, safe space, and team cohesion. Some have reported back that they turned storytelling into a core team culture and that it has become a key source of inspiration .

Further information

For more information or to run this program at your organization, please get in touch with us.