We will take you on an unforgettable four month learning journey!

Your take-aways:

  • master the ACE process to address and solve your challenges

  • explore the concept of strength-based learning and hone your unique strengths

  • get a toolbox for immediate application to empower and engage your team or clients

  • practice the art of questioning, listening, and feedback

  • take some state-of-the-art assessments to explore your skills and preferences

  • learn to run successful 1:1 coaching sessions bringing value and fun to your teams or clients

  • learn to deal with change in everyday business

  • get a unique certification to boost your career

  • work and learn with a great diverse network of people

  • experience four months of great insights and inspiration!


Online Program - Eight Sessions

The Online Certification Program spans four months with two sessions per month (for 2,5 hours), in total eight sessions. You will get the dates and links (Zoom) prior to the program. <br>You will be assigned to small learning teams to apply the process and the tools in between the sessions (1 hour "practice time").<br>  You will also get access to our online study guide which includes all of the materials and tools we cover. We offer our program twice a year, starting in spring and fall.

The Designing Talent Handbook

We're excited to showcase our new Designing Talent Handbook that you will get with your coach certification. It will guide you through our Designing Talent Certification Program including tools and exercises for immediate use.

From Design Thinking to Designing Talent

Using the ingenuity of Design Thinking for leadership, team empowerment, talent development, and coaching

Learning and helping others learn have become the most important skills in the 21st century. This also holds true for unlearning and relearning things like knowledge, skills, habits, or even attitudes. However, before we want our people to learn anything new, rethink their habits, embrace change, or hone their strengths, we have to enable them to do so. Designing Talent will do just that. 

Designing Talent is a framework we have crafted after years of research and testing. It is based on the principles of Design Thinking, a continuous innovation approach that is used by the world’s most successful companies to spur creativity, innovate, and improve products, processes, or business models. For example, the business model of Uber was developed using Design Thinking. 

Designing Talent is the first framework and certification program that makes the ingenuity of Design Thinking specifically applicable for leadership, coaching, and talent development and will help you unleash the full innovation and learning potential of your teams and clients.

Why Designing Talent?

  • Focus on Learning

    Designing Talent goes deeper than many coaching and leadership programs. It focuses on the most important skill: learning and helping others learn and enable them to solve their challenges and grow − personally and professionally.

  • Sustainable

    Talent comes, talent goes. You will help your organization develop a corporate core competency to bring out the very best in their teams while improving employee retention at the same time.

  • Design Thinking-based

    Designing Talent is the first framework and certification program that unleashes the ingenuity of Design Thinking specifically for learning, coaching, and talent development.

  • Engaging

    Much has been written about getting individuals and teams involved in idea creation. You will be able to use methods from Designing Talent to ignite creative brainstorming, think outside the box, and find the best solutions for your challenges.

  • Ongoing

    Everything we know about effective learning tells us that it has to be permanent and forward-oriented. That is what Designing Talent is about. We will show you how to make room for ongoing dialogue, involvement, and feedback.

  • Customized

    You will be able to show your team or clients how to effectively solve problems and develop themselves and others by using the ACE process, essential insights, and powerful tools.

  • State-of-the-art

    We know the latest techniques and coaching development practices. You will learn them in our program and turn into an expert user.

  • Bottom line

    With your learnings from the Designing Talent Online Certification Program, you will help your organization and clients to develop their talent and fix their workplace problems with engagement, commitment, and fun.

Dates and Fees

Next programs:
Sept. - Dec. 2022
March - June 2023

EUR 4,300 (+ VAT)
USD 4,900
Scholarships available

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"There is no challenge that can´t be solved"

"My biggest takeaway from the Designing Talent Coach Certification Program is that learning is a process and that no matter what challenge you face, the solution is "in the room". It just needs to be found. There is no challenge that cannot be solved. Anything is possible if you are ready for a change of perspective, which means be able to perceive your counterpart in a different context and being open minded for new ideas."

Magdalena Schwarz, Business Developer Health at T-Systems Austria

“Very effective as a team“

"My co-founder and I were fortunate to take part in this program together. For us, it was beneficial to become even more effective as a team. One things stands out: the ACE Process. It has become a powerful standard process to solve complex challenges, both big and small. Whether it is a challenge which we are facing internally or a problem we want to solve with our customers, it is always a great tool. From an operational or strategic point of view, this is one of the most valuable takeaways."

Tushaar Bhatt, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Convaise

"So much value and fun"

"The Designing Talent Coach Certification Program was precisely what I needed in these virtual times: a ready-to-use, fresh, and innovative learning approach to help me get my job done even better. With each session, I added yet another method to my coaching toolbox which I could immediately apply with my teams. This helped me in a very pragmatic, practical way: I learned that I need to focus more on addressing the challenges we really need to tackle to avoid falling into the trap of jumping to solutions too fast. It was also great to see how, in this new Zoom world and in the absence of in-person events, we were able to have a lot of fun. Every Designing Talent tool is an icebreaker and brings people together. I´ve already applied key learnings from this program to virtual European projects and I´m excited to spread the use of this methodology to support our leaders to become great talent developers."

Charlotte Boujassy, Manager European Talent Development

"Best training ever."

"In my company, the ability to succeed by making others successful is gaining ground and is recognized as a necessary quality for managers. I have already been able to convince my team of the Designing Talent approach in personal coaching, and ACE's have already become our second nature. Also in my personal surroundings, I have recently acted as a valued coach in all walks of life. I am already looking forward to being able to apply my knowledge and methodology to the benefit of my clients in the post-epidemic period."

Mario Hempel, Head of Sales Internal Security & Business Director NATO, Bechtle

"One of the most transforming experiences"

"As a leader and educator I have to say Designing Talent was one of the most transforming experiences. It has deeply impacted my practice and I am gratetul that I can now share this with others! The tools and language I gained during the training have been instrumental in my success in planning through projects large and small and helping my team grow in their own talents."

Aliece Dutson, President Mission Grammar School, Boston

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