The Autoris Institute

Research is a cornerstone of our work.

For over two decades, we've been bringing new and innovative solutions to leadership and talent development.

We're tech enthusiasts, eager to explore the latest in technology and emerging trends and synthesize new ideas. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we responded quickly with effective solutions–maximizing video and communication expertise. Today, we are at the forefront of developing groundbreaking AI programs empowering individuals and organizations to harness the power of this new tool.

We thrive on an interdisciplinary approach, where we draw inspiration not only from conventional sources, but also from diverse domains like art, music, literature, or philosophy. We have built a network composed of research fellows, academic institutions, renowned professors, and domain experts from around the world.

This approach has often allowed us to develop groundbreaking models like the ACE it! Method, a revolutionary framework that taps into Design Thinking to reshape how we lead and coach. Another example is the "ABCDE of Narrative framework" which helps leaders and organizations leverage the power of storytelling.

It's incredibly rewarding to see how our work touches the lives of countless leaders, teams, and organizations around the world.

After all, what really drives us is when participants tell us, "Your program made me a better leader," or simply say, "Thank you!”

ACE your AI

The ACE Your AI project tackles AI challenges: unclear applications, limited stakeholder engagement, and weak planning. It employs the ACE it! methodology to optimize AI integration and to leverage its full potential.

AI and Talent

Our cutting-edge AI and Talent research project dives into the future of talent and leadership development, exploring how organizations can leverage the power of AI to identify, develop, and nurture top talent.

Some of the research projects we turned into programs

Start with a Story

"Start with a Story" researches storytelling's profound impact on leadership, learning, and success, moving beyond marketing to recognize it as a dynamic force shaping understanding, communication, and decision-making.

Design Thinking for Leadership and Learning

This research applies Design Thinking, commonly used in business and product development, to leadership and talent development. It resulted in our signature ACE it! Method with the Address, Create, and Execute stages, as well as insights and tools.

Teaching with Technology

When COVID-19 struck, we used our research insights to swiftly craft a comprehensive program for educators, training hundreds of teachers and schools on effective technology integration into teaching.

Ongoing research projects

Success with assessments

We continuously create assessments to measure leadership, communication, personality, trust, and more. One of our signature assessments is "You At Your Best" (YAYB), empowering individuals to leverage their strengths.


In a fast-paced world, leaders, entrepreneurs, and HR pros struggle to keep up with talent development. We gather insights from studies, books, podcasts, and experts, curated in our "Top4Talent" series for your guidance.

The Art of Leadership

In partnership with art historians, musicians, and scientific experts, "The Art of Leadership" delves into the art and lives of renowned creatives. These insights can often inform our leadership, personal growth, and lifelong learning.

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