"Part of our DNA"

"We've been working with Autoris and the Designing Talent Program for almost 5 years. Everyone at Blinkist has attended the program and we send every new joiner. "ACE-ing" problems has now become part of our DNA and, after all those years, it feels like Matthias and Verena are part of our team."

Deborah Caulet, Head of People Development, Blinkist

"There is no challenge that can´t be solved"

"My biggest takeaway from the Designing Talent Certification Program is that learning is a process and that no matter what challenge you face, the solution is "in the room". It just needs to be found. There is no challenge that cannot be solved. Anything is possible if you are ready for a change of perspective, which means be able to perceive your counterpart in a different context and being open minded for new ideas."

Magdalena Schwarz, Business Developer Health at T-Systems Austria

"So much value and fun"

"The Designing Talent Certification Program was precisely what I needed in these virtual times: a ready-to-use, fresh, and innovative learning approach to help me get my job done even better. With each session, I added yet another method to my coaching toolbox which I could immediately apply with my teams. This helped me in a very pragmatic, practical way: I learned that I need to focus more on addressing the challenges we really need to tackle to avoid falling into the trap of jumping to solutions too fast. It was also great to see how, in this new Zoom world and in the absence of in-person events, we were able to have a lot of fun. Every Designing Talent tool is an icebreaker and brings people together. I´ve already applied key learnings from this program to virtual European projects and I´m excited to spread the use of this methodology to support our leaders to become great talent developers."

Charlotte Boujassy, Manager European Talent Development

“Very effective as a team“

"My co-founder and I were fortunate to take part in this program together. For us, it was beneficial to become even more effective as a team. One things stands out: the ACE Process. It has become a powerful standard process to solve complex challenges, both big and small. Whether it is a challenge which we are facing internally or a problem we want to solve with our customers, it is always a great tool. From an operational or strategic point of view, this is one of the most valuable takeaways."

Tushaar Bhatt, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Convaise

"Best training ever."

"In my company, the ability to succeed by making others successful is gaining ground and is recognized as a necessary quality for managers. I have already been able to convince my team of the Designing Talent approach in personal coaching, and ACE's have already become our second nature. Also in my personal surroundings, I have recently acted as a valued coach in all walks of life. I am already looking forward to being able to apply my knowledge and methodology to the benefit of my clients in the post-epidemic period."

Mario Hempel, Head of Sales Internal Security & Business Director NATO, Bechtle

"Compelling and engaging"

"I attended the certification program in the spring of 2021. I had been looking forward to attending in person in Boston, but when the global pandemic hit, it was rescheduled for virtual sessions. Disappointed to learn that this would mean, yet again, more Zoom meetings, I was pleasantly surprised to learn otherwise. Albeit virtual, the Designing Talent program felt real, compelling and engaging because of Matthias' and Verena's teaching methodology. Their energy and enthusiasm leapt off the screen, which made learning with my peers much more fun and involved. At the end of the program, I felt like I got much more out of the program having spent more time with my teams virtually than I would have with only a few days together in person."

Raquel Chandler, Design Program Manager, SAP

"One of the most transforming experiences"

"As a leader and educator I have to say Designing Talent was one of the most transforming experiences. It has deeply impacted my practice and I am gratetul that I can now share this with others! The tools and language I gained during the training have been instrumental in my success in planning through projects large and small and helping my team grow in their own talents."

Aliece Dutson, President Mission Grammar School, Boston

"Transfering design thinking to team development"

"The Designing Talent Certification program helped me simplify, transfer and apply what I learned about design thinking at the HPI d.school to HR processes. For example, the Designing Talent ACE process allows me to focus and dig into an HR challenge with a colleague or client: Brainstorm what possible solutions there are in a limited time frame and finally choose the best solutions for that specific situation and person. Furthermore, the program truly influenced my life: it was the moment when I realized how much I enjoy coaching."

Nadia Witte, Deal Execution Manager and Pitch Coaching Expert at Accenture

"The Power of the Pen"

"The power of the pen - a simple, yet important Designing Talent credo. Using a pen to jot down ideas in one minute of quiet brainstorming, it is amazing how many great ideas are generated in this short time. Great ideas very often already lie within us. I have seen this apparently simple but powerful tool work over and over again."

Terry Chuah, Founder and Chief Career Strategist of TheCareerLifeCycle

"The Autoris programs are real problem solvers. Highly recommended!"

"The Autoris programs are real problem solvers. And they always get outstanding feedback from participants: an amazing combination of academic excellence and real-life leadership application. Highly recommended."

Iskender Dirik, Managing Director, Samsung NEXT

"One of the greatest gifts we can give"

"Designing Talent is grounded in generosity: taking the time to help others develop their talents is one of the greatest gifts that we can give."

Luke Burgis, Author, Speaker, Professor for Entrepreneurship

“Unlocking my people´s full potential“

"A modern workplace requires a modern approach to talent and lifelong learning. The Designing Talent Program and the many practical tools it provided helped me implement this in my company."

Felix Eichler Cofounder & CTO, Userlane / Forbes 30 Under 30

"Simply the best"

"Simply the best! Matthias and his team at The Autoris Institute have uncanny knowledge to help individuals reach their utmost potential as leaders."

Colin D. Weekes, MD, Ph.D., Massachusetts General Hospital

"Thinking outside the box"

"The program is not only about being a certified Designing Talent Coach or Talent Developer afterwards, it's so much more: You get many great tools and insights into ways of communicating and different types of personalities. These experiences have a great impact on our day-to-day work and life! For example, to help our ”talent” (direct report, colleague, or team) develop, we need to be open, ask questions, and listen carefully to come to a joint understanding of their challenge. Thinking outside the box and allowing crazy ideas can lead to new thoughts and is great fun!"

Susanne Hofer and Eva Findelsberger, HR Experts, Roland Berger

"Helping my clients to build methods and techniques"

"When signing up I had already been exposed to the Design Thinking methodology and been really impressed with it. My biggest takeaway is the key to being able to pass the skills I’ve learned onto the clients and colleagues I am working with. Often in coaching courses it’s about enabling the coach to create the conditions for a client to move forward but not always about helping the client to build methods and techniques that are tangible and can be applied in settings without the coach. The simple yet effective tools allow them to be applied across a variety of settings."

Nicola Johnson, Head Of Commercial at Talking Medicines

"Inspiring, Insightful, Actionable."

"Since our team leads attended the Designing Talent Program, this framework has spread through the office quickly: I see people standing in front of whiteboards together "ACEing" challenges or hear colleagues explaining their "Wheel of Motivation". Inspiring, insightful, actionable – I can highly recommend this program to anyone working with people."

Anna-Lisa Obermann, People & Culture, KW Commerce

"A new mind-set to explore with clients, colleagues, and peers”

"Five things that I've learned: 1) the ability to create the right atmosphere when coaching or leading others, 2) I've developed a new mind-set to interact with clients, colleagues, and peers, 3) employing specific tools to define priorities, clarify performance factors, and set new goals, 4) experiencing the “power of the pen”, and 5) learning to adopt the right perspectives in the right circumstances, such as knowing when to be a coach, a mentor, or when a leadership attitude is required. Everything was enriched by being able to interact, coach and take direction from a diverse group of program participants with unique cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. The group always maintained the right blend of fun, smiles, and discipline in the the e-room."

Gianmichele Potito, M&A and Strategy Expert and Leadership & Talent Development Coach

"Breaking any challenge into three steps"

"My biggest takeaway from the Designing Talent Certification Program is knowing how to break any topic, problem, or challenge into three steps and following the ACE process to tackle it. I realized that every challenge is solvable and I can trust the process to get there. Another great takeaway is learning how to involve my co-workers, team, or clients in this process. For example, by guiding them to come up with their own solutions through asking the right questions. For me, this was the nicest thing ever."

Christina Drescher, Founder tinipixi

"Great Impact!"

"The Designing Talent Program is a must-have for modern learning and development in organizations. The new methods and tools have enabled us to have a great impact on our individual and team learning journeys."  

Sarah Hoffmann, Chief People Officer, Brainwave Hub

"Working cohesively towards that same common goal"

"The Program made a huge impact on my life and my career, especially when the Covid 19 crisis came about. We immediately had to get all of our employees and offshore offices working offsite – but remote was not something that we had been doing. The first thing I went to was the Designing Talent tools, I knew they would help with the structuring and prioritization of all the different challenges and changes we were facing every day. We were also able to create OKRs for ourselves. We all came together with the whiteboard brainstorming and writing things down. We managed to work cohesively towards that same common goal, looking at the big picture without any disconnect."

Geetanjali Moorjani, Rangam Consultants

“As a good learner, you need to be able to really stretch yourself.”

"Designing Talent helped me become a better learner and more resilient. As a good learner, you need to be able to really stretch yourself. All the applicable insights and tools let me develop new capabilities and habits that have become second nature. It’s really helped me to chart my journey and forge my career working with my colleagues and my clients.

Ivan Kennes, Senior Director, ACT

"Extremely valuable in remote working culture"

"Especially in our diverse and very remote working culture, the Designing Talent Framework has been extremely valuable. When faced with challenges, our teams immediately start applying the ACE process with great success."

Jodok Batlogg, Founder and Managing Director tree.ly

"Identify strengths and preferences"

"Thanks to the Designing Talent Certification Program, I am able to better understand my employees, customers, and partners. Knowing how to identify their strengths and preferences allows me to contribute much more specifically and to adapt our conversations accordingly."

Lukas Koppitz, Founder and Entrepreneur