The Autoris Academy:
Our Programs

The ACE it! Master
Certification Program

Our signature certification program with 8 online sessions over 4 months. Learn to use the ingenuity of Design Thinking for Leadership, Coaching and Talent Development!

Start with a Story

"Whoever has the best story, wins" Learn to harness the power of storytelling for leadership, presentations, negotiations, and critical conversations with this 4-session online program over 3 months.

Talks and events

We often give talks and presentations for organization or at conferences on newest trends and tools in leadership, coaching, and talent development.

ACE it! for Teams and Organizations

Our top-notch program to empower and develop your leaders and teams with the ACE it! method. available online, in-person, or in a hybrid format.

Innovation Week

The Innovation Week is a multi-day trip to innovation hotspots in the U.S., such as New York, Boston, or the Silicon Valley. It also includes visity to leading universities such as Harvard or the MIT.

Learning Up

Learning Up is our format to accompany organizations through phases of transformation and change. It typically lasts 9 - 12 months.

Topics we tackle in our programs

Use data and AI for performance

Build stronger teams

Manage change

Give and receive feedback

Ask the right questions

Get things done

Manage conflict

Innovate for success

Communicate more effectively

Storytelling for leaders

Clients & Cases

Design Thinking & Innovation

This was a four-month online empowerment program designed for high-potential employees of a pharmaceutical company. It focused on immersing participants in the "rules and tools" of Design Thinking, enabling them to apply these principles effectively to address challenges at individual, team, and company levels. As a result, the participants were able to develop concrete solutions and promote a culture of continuous innovation and forward-thinking.

Learning Up -
A pathway to leadership success

This intensive year-long hybrid program (in-person and online sessions) was designed for 30 top leaders of an international IT company. It aimed to immerse them in cutting-edge leadership trends, cultivate essential leadership skills, shatter silos, and pioneer innovative collaboration techniques.

ACE your AI

This is our immersive, multi-module online (or hybrid) program to unlock the potential of AI by combining its capabilities (and challenges) with human talent in the context of leadership, teams, and organizations. Throughout the program, participants engage in discussions and creative problem-solving that center around the fusion of AI and human challenges, paving the way for synergies that fuel innovation and productivity.

Building trust in the workplace

This was an in-person 2-day workshop for one of the top global consulting firms designed to delve into the pivotal role of trust as a key success factor for leaders and businesses. Prior to the workshop, the 15 participants took "The Trust-Building Indicator" (TBI) Assessment. The results provided a springboard for identifying crucial areas for improvement and formulating targeted strategies how to cultivate trust in the workplace.

Building a growth platform for a global VC firm

This dynamic ongoing one-year hybrid program designed for an international VC firm features workshops tailored to enhance communication and leadership for leaders and team leaders. Additionally, it offers regular 1:1 coaching and sparring sessions with top executives, as well as the creation of a growth platform encompassing various resources and training modules for the entire workforce.

Navigating change in times of transition

This comprehensive one-year program featured four one-day, in-person workshops designed to equip leaders and their teams of an e-commerce business with the tools to effectively navigate and manage change. The program focused on enabling participants to adapt to challenging circumstances and maintain stability in the face of difficult market conditions.

The Autoris Academy

At the Autoris Academy, we offer a powerful suite of in-person and virtual programs. Your team members will emerge from these sessions more passionate, engaged, and more capable of solving your organization´s biggest problems, equipped with a toolkit for enhanced productivity and performance. 

You can choose from different options that will give your team immediate results, and long-term supervised sessions that will unlock your team's hidden potential. Whichever option you choose you’ll leave with many new insights that can be easily applied to your business and personnel. 

At the Autoris Academy, our approach is deeply rooted in ongoing research and collaboration with top minds across the globe. We offer unique courses like our ACE it! Master Certification, where we combine the smarts of design thinking with leadership, coaching, and talent development. In this program, we have trained hundreds of individuals from various leadership levels, professions, backgrounds, and sectors to become certified ACE it! Masters. Our network of certified ACE it! Masters is consistently expanding on a global scale, spreading our methodology worldwide.

If you're into the power of a good story, our "Start with a Story" program is right up your alley, teaching you to wield storytelling as a powerful tool in business.

For those looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure that educates, our Innovation Week is a game-changer. Imagine getting the insider's tour of places like Boston, New York, Silicon Valley (and universities like Harvard, MIT, IESE, or Stanford), where innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's a way of life.

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