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Our signature Designing Talent Certification Program

You´re a leader, HR-professional, team builder, or coach looking for a new approach to learning and development for your organization, team or clients? Join our signature certification program and learn to help others learn, solve daily business challenges, and succeed with our Design Thinking-based framework "Designing Talent".

Custom programs

Designing Talent for Organizations

Boost leadership and team building

Leadership is a practice. Designing Talent for Organizations will empower your teams to learn and apply leadership, talent development and communication tools to foster team building and boost performance. You want an even more inspired, motivated, and engaged team? This is your program.

Start with a Story

Discover and use the power of stories for everyday business!

What are stories and why are they so important to people? How can we deal more consciously with our stories? (A business plan, a career change, a new colllaboration, a great sales success - these are all stories!) In this program you will learn about narrative theory and how to build your "narrative set": Stories to lead, Stories for selling and bargaining, Stories to present, and Stories for difficult moments.

Empowering People for Success

Unlock success in your team

What is success? Is it wealth? A position? Power? Many followers? Fame? All of the above? Is there a universally valid definition of success? Or does the definition of success depend on us individually? What then, after all, is a successful career?
In this program, we will explore and find answers to these questions, discuss state-of-the-art insights from the science of success, apply tools to help us clarify our understanding of personal and professional success, and think about the next steps on our success journey.

The Startup Leadership Program

More and more startups, companies, and organizations across the globe are developing solutions to fight climate change, innovate healthcare, or leverage technology to make financial services more accessible. In order to grow and bring their solutions to market, they need great leadership, people, and teams. That's where our Startup Leadership Program comes in. It is specifically designed for innovative startup sectors to build strong leadership, empower their people, and create highly effective teams.

Innovation Week in USA

Join our unique leadership learning journey to the East or West Coast

Take your teams on an unforgettable Innovation Week Trip to Boston/New York or Silicon Valley including leadership development workshops and visits to the world´s leading universities and business schools (Harvard, IESE, Columbia, Stanford), innovation meet-ups with entrepreneurs, and cultural highlights. Be inspired and learn in and from US innovators! We will put together a customized program for your organization.

From Design Thinking to Designing Talent

Using the ingenuity of Design Thinking for leadership, team empowerment, talent development, and coaching

Learning and helping others learn have become the most important skills in the 21st century. This also holds true for unlearning and relearning things like knowledge, skills, habits, or even attitudes. However, before we want our people to learn anything new, rethink their habits, embrace change, or hone their strengths, we have to enable them to do so. Designing Talent will do just that. 

Designing Talent is a framework we have crafted after years of research and testing. It is based on the principles of Design Thinking, a continuous innovation approach that is used by the world’s most successful companies to spur creativity, innovate, and improve products, processes, or business models. For example, the business model of Uber was developed using Design Thinking. 

Designing Talent is the first framework and certification program that makes the ingenuity of Design Thinking specifically applicable for leadership, coaching, and talent development and will help you unleash the full innovation and learning potential of your teams and clients.

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In many of our programs, we use 360° assessments to help pur participants hone their skills and performance by using data (feedback) received confidentially from peers, managers, and other people in their professional and personal environment. This feedback is collected from online questionnaires that address a wide range of strengths and competencies based on a rating scale and written comments. Here are two examples of our assessments:

"You at Your Best"

A leading strengths assessment.

The more consciously and frequently we use our strengths and build on them, the better we can learn and, in turn, the more successful we become. When we learn new things and experience success, it drives us to chase even more growth, creating an upward trend in our lives. The You at Your Best Assessment covers different areas of strength which are crucial for learning and development, so we can continue to learn and grow as individuals personally and professionally.

The Trust Building Indicator (TBI)

For leaders, teams, and organizations who want to foster trust in their work environment.

Science shows that trust is one of the most important factors for success, both for individual leaders and businesses. However, it takes a lot to build trust. This assessment looks at the elements and actions necessary to generate trust in the workplace.

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