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Most business problems are people problems.

Developing the leaders and teams in your company is the single most effective lever you can pull to ensure your business thrives.

That’s why we’ve spent the last 25 years developing novel tools, frameworks, and training solutions that make leaders, individuals, and, ultimately, your business more successful. Among our clients are some of the world’s most successful corporations, family businesses, founders, and start-ups. We have accompanied several unicorns and successful exits.

We train people and teams to

Use data and AI for performance

Build high performance teams

Manage transition and change

Understand and improve team culture

Ask the right questions

Get more done

Manage conflict

Have difficult conversations

Some of our programs

THE ACE IT Master certification program
Innovation Week
Learning UP
Iskender Dirik
Managing Director
Samsung NEXT

"The Autoris programs are real drivers for success."

"We´ve seen this over and over: the Autoris programs are real drivers for success.

And they always get outstanding feedback from participants: an amazing combination of academic excellence and real-life leadership application. Highly recommended."

Mariana Peters
Global People & Culture
Axel Springer

"Great for leadership, great for coaching, great for oneself."

"I can really recommend the ACE it! Master Certification program. Such a wealth of tools and methods, and insights - easily applied to daily practice. Plus: People from all kinds of backgrounds, experience and color!

There have been many occasions where I pulled out some of the tools, which opened new perspectives and ways forward! Great for coaching, great for leadership, for oneself, for others, for all. Thank you once again dear Verena Lauffs and Matthias Ehrhardt!"

Laura Lewandowski
Entrepreneur, LinkedIn Top Voice, 30 under 30 Journalist

"The ACE it! program propelled myself and my business to new heights."

"In 2024, I completed the ACE it! Master Certification Program, propelling both myself and my business to new heights. This program, grounded in Design Thinking, is tailored to enhance problem-solving in everyday work scenarios. From optimizing teamwork efficiency to empowering teams to independently identify and solve issues, I acquired a comprehensive set of skills. Thank you for this unique experience!"

Clients & Cases

Fostering a culture of Learning and Innovation.

This regular 6-session hybrid program (5 sessions online, 1 in person), led by Verena Lauffs, empowers young leaders with cutting-edge insights and hands-on tools to drive team learning and development.

The Handbook provided valuable guidance for the ongoing journey toward progress and growth.

YPO Leadership Summit:
Designing the Next Generation

In November 2023, at the YPO Leadership Summit in Barcelona, Prof. Ehrhardt led a 60-minute interactive workshop for 90 business owners, focusing on strategies to motivate and better engage the next generation. This session was distinctive for its hands-on approach, combining lively discussions with practical exercises. The workshop aimed not only to equip leaders with the tools to inspire their teams but also to directly impact the way they connect with the next generation. By the end, the entrepreneurs had gained actionable insights and were eager to implement these strategies within their organizations. The session received high praise for its dynamic format and the tangible value it provided.

Microsoft Scaleup:
Leadership and Talent Development in the Digital Age

At this immersive one-day workshop "Microsoft for Startups," 120 young entrepreneurs were energized with new perspectives on igniting their leadership styles.

They also gained valuable tools to amplify their ability to nurture talent, setting them on a path to impactful leadership and sustainable growth in the digital age.

Colin D. Weekes, MD, Ph.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital

"Simply the Best!"

"Simply the best!

Matthias and his team at Autoris have uncanny knowledge to help individuals reach their utmost potential as leaders."

Anna-Lisa Obermann
People & Culture, KW Commerce

"Inspiring, Insightful, Actionable."

"Since our team leads attended the ACE it! Programs, this methodology has spread through the office quickly: I see people standing in front of whiteboards together ACEing challenges or hear colleagues explaining their "Wheel of Motivation".

Inspiring, insightful, actionable – I can highly recommend this program to anyone working with people."

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