It all begins with Research.

In the age of information, you have endless libraries of knowledge available at your fingertips. How do you sift through it all? How do you know which insights apply to your business, and which should be avoided? That’s where we come in. For the past 24 years, we’ve honed our research process into an efficient system that produces only the most practical insights. We pull from many different topics – art, literature, philosophy, etc. – and distill only the most important concepts that can transform the people in your organization. We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of developments in many different fields. Because of this, our programs are consistently updated with new findings–effectively becoming better year after year. Below you’ll find some of the research studies we’re currently running.

Some of our research projects

Below are some of our past and ongoing research projects.

L&D 2022: Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities

HR & Learning & Development (L&D) professionals departments across the globe face unprecedented challenges. Digital disruption, COVID, talent shortage, remote work, just to name a few. What are the most pressing challenges, current trends, but also new opportunities in L&D? In this study, we run interviews with leading practitioners and conduct an in-depth literature review to answer these questions.

Top for Talent

It has become increasingly difficult for leaders, entrepreneurs, and HR practitioners to stay up to date with the latest insights, trends, and best practices in the field of talent development. Our research fellows monitor studies, books, newsletters, podcasts, videocasts, as well as leading scientists and practitioners and regularly compile them in our "Top For Talent" series.

Autoris. The Science of Thrive.

From Design Thinking to Designing Talent

Using the ingenuity of Design Thinking for leadership, team empowerment, talent development, and coaching

Learning and helping others learn have become the most important skills in the 21st century. This also holds true for unlearning and relearning things like knowledge, skills, habits, or even attitudes. However, before we want our people to learn anything new, rethink their habits, embrace change, or hone their strengths, we have to enable them to do so. Designing Talent will do just that. 

Designing Talent is a framework we have crafted after years of research and testing. It is based on the principles of Design Thinking, a continuous innovation approach that is used by the world’s most successful companies to spur creativity, innovate, and improve products, processes, or business models. For example, the business model of Uber was developed using Design Thinking. 

Designing Talent is the first framework and certification program that makes the ingenuity of Design Thinking specifically applicable for leadership, coaching, and talent development and will help you unleash the full innovation and learning potential of your teams and clients.