Prof. Dr. Dr.
Matthias Ehrhardt

Founder and CEO

Matthias has served as an executive coach, advisor, and professor for leadership, personal and professional success, learning and talent development, communication skills, and entrepreneurship at various business schools and universities for 20+ years. He works with individuals, startups, V.C. and private equity firms, family businesses, NGOs, and global corporations (e.g. Microsoft, MunichRe, Samsung Next, DAIMLER, KPMG, etc.) across the globe.

In addition, Matthias has extensive experience in building up, investing in, restructuring, and growing companies in diverse industries such as media, training, manufacturing, and high-tech. Today, much of his entrepreneurial work deals with how performance and learning can be customized, applied, and made sustainable through new technologies.

Learning and talent development have always been a passion of his. Matthias holds a master of administration studies and political science (M.A.S.) from the University of Konstanz, a master in media psychology (M.A.) from the Massachusetts Schools of Professional Psychology, a Ph.D. in law (Dr. iur.), and another Ph.D. in art history (Dr. phil.) from the University of Munich. He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School's Owners and Presidents Management Program (OPM), IESE Business School's Advanced Management program (AMP), IESE's International Faculty Program (IFP), the Columbia Coaching Certification Program (ECI/ACI), and Columbia Business School's CIBE.

Matthias holds numerous certifications in talent development, coaching, and training (Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD), HOGAN, Learning Agility, Emotional Intelligence, ATD Master Trainer, TKI, MBTI, etc.).

He is engaged in training and supervising other executive coaches and facilitators and regularly speaks at conferences on talent development and coaching. He teaches in IESE’s Business School’s Executive Coaching program, has served as the academic paper chair at the Columbia University Coaching Conference and is a founding fellow of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate.

Matthias has authored several books and multiple articles for well-known newspapers and journals. His publications include "Stories are Bridges From One Mind To Another" (Columbia Coaching Conference 2016), the "ABC of narrative" (2017), a model for the use of narrative theory for executive coaching which he presented at the CoachX series by the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School and, most recently, “The Designing Talent Handbook” (2022).

Matthias has studied and worked in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and the U.S. He lives in Boston, MA.